Wednesday, May 16, 2001

the back row

wow, Geroge Payne's first film, and one of Casey Donovan's earliest, The Back Row is amazing!!! I guess if you've read many of my "blogs" you know I love the old films, and you know I love the ones with the porno theatre settings - this is practically all PORNO THEATRE oooh, watching it now, they're doing hot wax in the john of the porno theatre!!

anyway, the "story" is supposed to be hokey - poor, young, inexperienced George Payne follows Casey Donovon into some Times Square theatre, and they both sit in the back row, but far from each other.....The theme song is MIDNIGHT COWBOY - no shit!!! - and there's all sorts of organ-blasting trippy early 70's jazzy music in it, too.... but Casey keeps connecting, and George is too naive and intimidated to do anything; finally, they seem to connect jerking off at the urinals when the construction guy comes in, and George is too spooked to stay (yup, hard hat and all, this film spared NO COSTS in making it realistic!!) runs away, as Casey starts to do it with the construction guy, then another guy comes in --- WOW!!! now they're doing some sort of strap-on didlofuck on the floor, as George "listens" from outside the bathroom Casey just shot all over the guy's face!

awwww, Casey leaves the bathroom, catches George outside, who runs off.... but wait, Casey caught up, they're strolling around NY together, some hokey song is playing now....awwww, they're making out in a phone booth, how sweet..... oh, I won't tell you the ambiguous ending, its cool (well, to me, anyway)

you're life is like a movie, and you're sitting in the back row,
la la la la la la la....