Monday, May 21, 2001

cookies and boyfriends or rainy mondays

i've had 3 really great boyfriends; very different, in many ways, all 3; but one of the qualities they all shared - they'd turn into the most adorable little boys when I'd bake cookies.

one was a dunker; very focused, had his mug of milk, and his cookies, and seemed like he didn't have a care in the world for those few minutes of sitting with the freshly-baked cookies

another couldn't get enough, always sneaking into the cookie jar (really a Russel Wright covered casserole), even while I was sleeping, but I could always hear that little "clink" of the lid hitting the base as he'd try to be really quiet

the last one, well, after our first real "overnight" he couldn't wait the standard 4-5 days to call, and called the next evening, and I just so happened to be making chocolate chip cookies. So, he lived near enough, and I said, "hey,let me stop by for a minute, meet me out front" We talked, and flirted (he was about to leave town for a few days) and just before I left, I handed him a blue-lidded tupperware with about a dozen fresh cookies. After that, I always brought him cookies in one of those blue-lidded things, often hiding them in a kitchen cabinet for him to find later; which never seized to delight him. So, its raining, it's monday, and in a feeble attempt to lift my spirits, I'm baking again, and listening to cover versions of Carpenters songs....