Thursday, February 06, 2003


"C'mere; I want you to come over here; I want you to have a seat"

director: Matt Sterling (1984)

Starring: Rick Donovan, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North), Brian Michaels (aka Bobby Madison), Mike Ramsey, Buster, Shawn McIvan (aka Brian Hawks), Joe Craig, Greg Stopes, Doug Weston, John Thomas

In NIGHTCHARM's Best Gay Porn Ever, this topped their TOP TEN list, coming in at #1 (although my own personal list would be much different than theirs - like it would include something from before 1983!) Matt Ramsey narrates this one, and performs in 2 full scenes (and if I remember correctly, 4 generous ejaculations), unlike many other appearances he made in gay porn videos before he fled to the exclusively hetero market, using the name Peter North.

Be warned, Mr. Donovan and Miss Ramsey are mid-fuck as the clip begins, Ramsey is a tad vocal about what's bumping into him (crank the volume and let your co-workers enjoy!), and there are a few of those video-pauses (and the rather scarey "dick-eye view" of Ramsey's butthole coming down at you!); but you should get a good enuf glimpse, plus a tease of a true porn great, Brian Michaels - such a hottie! (and yes, I will be posting the video on eBay tomorrow, Friday, in it's full-color box)