Wednesday, February 05, 2003

PI NOTICE: eBay Auctions Ended by Customer Support

"Dear BJLAND (,
We regret to inform you that your eBay auctions:

2909376971 HAIRY JOCK WORN Neiman Marcus TANK TOP
2909377382 Reflections of Youth TOBY ROSS Big Bill Eld
2909391514 CAMP PALM SPRINGS Hot Desert Knights BAREBACK
2909391653 DONUT C-RING lite, rubber, STAY AROUSED!
2909414217 HONCHO Dec 02 CHRIS STEELE
2909418879 HONCHO Sept 01 STEVE CASSIDY
2909419353 HONCHO Feb 02 hairy Jon Galt
2909433795 HONCHO Feb 03 Diego Alvarez
2909496666 BG EAST Super Hero Heels 2 THE BLACK SPIDER
2909503829 Hairy Jock Worn USED AQUA SPEEDO 32
2909515801 BG EAST Tag Team Torture 1
2909647681 ALL MAN Fallen Angel 2 SPECIAL ISSUE
2909648804 ALL MAN Fallen Angel 3: Initiation SPECIAL
2909656786 ALL MAN Cole Youngblood MARK WOLFF
2909757850 ALL MAN Jeff Palmer BILLY HERRINGTON
2909758219 ALL MAN Will Clark LEX BALDWIN
2909760181 ALL MAN Italian vs. Russian models!
2909887150 ALL MAN Scott Matthews CHRIS STEELE
2909904480 BG EAST Wrestling Hard Pros 7
2909934949 CLONE: The Life and Legacy of AL PARKER
2909936049 Bearing Leather COLTON FORD, Eric Evans BEARS
2910117743 BG EAST Squared Circle 1: Ring Erotica
2910130337 ALL MAN Maxx Grand MICHAEL BRANDON
2910131335 ALL MAN Dean Phonex, MATT DRAKE
2910141105 Jack Fritsher's STAND BY YOUR MAN
2910141367 HAIRY GUY'S rubber penis / c-ring
2910176937 INCHES APRIL 2000 Arpad Miklos BIG MEN!
2910177747 INCHES JULY 2000 Mark Kroner

have been ended. All fees associated with these auctions have been credited to your account.

Your auction Jack Fritsher's STAND BY YOUR MAN Item # 2910141105 was in violation of our policies. The following was included in your auction:

Image of hand to genital contact,

which is not allowed on eBay. As there are several violations of this policy on your account, we have ended all of your auctions.

Needless to say, I'm a tad upset. Yes, more than anyone, even more than most of the people working at eBay, I should've noticed that Frank Vickers's hands weren't merely in his pants, but were, in fact, touching his naughtybits. But that image is what caused ALL of my auctions to be cancelled this morning, as punishment for this most recent violation (their email goes on to explain that since it's one of several lately, that is why they took this action). As some of you know, I love selling porn; and I like giving as much info as possible when selling items (who buys a dirty magazine without seeing the cover, or knowing which models are inside?) - and balancing giving potential buyers info, with eBay's prudishness about what is acceptable for adults who must, each time they go into the "Mature Audiences" section, promise they really really want to see the stuff, and really really won't be offended by it, and still can't see anything close to actual sexual activity - well, apparently I err too often on the side of giving customers info. I'm exhausted just from thinking about the loss of income, all the hard work of scanning, coding, checking for "too naughty" words or images, and then re-doing it, trying to go into "prude mode" so as to not get fucked over again.....

but, if you feel sorry for me, please please don't tell me to go to NAUGHTYBIDS - I sell stuff there too, and unless it's purely filthy stuff like my underwear or a "modeled" cockring, it invariable sells for so little, it's not worth the effort. I need to get out of the house for a bit.