Thursday, February 13, 2003

Mistakenly I thought this party was the usual late-night thing; alas, it's from 8pm to 11pm tonight, so I can't make it. But the rest of you locals should go - it promises to be really fun, and it's easy to get to, just a few steps south of E 4th st on the Bowery (right near Bowery Bar for folks who know what that is). With hostess Linda Simpson, and excellent spinning by Jeff Jackson, how can you go wrong?

Meanwhile, I really didn't think I'd be commenting on that TV commmerical guy getting arrested for buying a dime bag of pot. Like, who cares, right? But when we can afford cops looking for dopey celebs buying miniscule amounts of marijuana on the Lower East Side, and we can't afford to allow a peaceful protest against the madness of this friggin' war-mongering - how stoopid is that? So, the latest seems to be - no permit for an actual march, but a permit for the rally (yes, I'm secretly glad I am working and can't go, as I would most likely be cringing at most of the speaker's speaches, but that's another story; I don't have to agree with you to listen to you, or support everyone's right to be heard). Interestingly enough, dozens of groups are organizing "assembly points" blocks away from the rally, so it'll be interesting to see how the city handles multiple groups converging on the rallying point from various parts of Midtown. (several seem to be starting off at the NY Public Library, like the Glamericans, and handsome couple James and Barry will be at the CARNIVAL BLOC FEEDER MARCH).