Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day

Name: zeusieboy ( my dog zeus and apollo)
Location: edison nj
Marital Status: masc romantic italian daddy bear
Hobbies & Interests: collecting all different typs of things, out doors, road trips, entertaining, dining out ,cooking, animals, sports and so on
Favorite Gadgets: 45yo 5'9" 56"c 46"w @260 lbs br/br buzz cut clean shaven nice handsome guy
Occupation: cpa ( constant pain in the ass ) please have a pic and a profile i do
Personal Quote: interested in white only, just be a cool person. i have a big heart to share with the right person

ZEUSIEBOY [10:26 AM]: whats going on gino here in jersey masc italian romantic daddy bear type of guy
Bjland7820 [10:27 AM]: not much here, just coffee
ZEUSIEBOY [10:27 AM]: yeah same here still in myunderwear just got finished with ms with problems wit ms xp system
Bjland7820 [10:28 AM]: i dont know what that means
ZEUSIEBOY [10:29 AM]: had a problem with microsoft xp system
Bjland7820 [10:29 AM]: oh
ZEUSIEBOY [10:29 AM]: yeah so was going round and round in circles this morning since 5am
ZEUSIEBOY [10:31 AM]: so you having fun this morning i have to hit the shower yet
Bjland7820 [10:32 AM]: ok, man
ZEUSIEBOY [10:32 AM]: nice talking to you bud would enjoy meeting you some time
Bjland7820 [10:32 AM]: well, i doubt i'm white enough
ZEUSIEBOY [10:33 AM]: ok cool