Monday, February 03, 2003

upcumming clips:

I wanna post that "girlie" clip from Confessionsof a Male Groupie sometime tomorrow; then I'll probably do a one-day only clip fom the 1984 classic The Bigger The Better - seems that the st8 guy's performing in gay videos clips get lots of hits, so I need to be careful with this clip of MATT RAMSEY (aka Peter North) taking it up the butt from Rick Donovan. You know, teacher catches student reading a porn mag in detention, and somehow the student (Mr. Donovan) manages to get the teacher to bend over the desk; then the very scarey "have a seat, teach" segment as you see Ramsey's butthole coming right at you as he's about to sit down on Donovan's thang. I can be a bit cynical about these guys, but after previewing the whole tape last night (up for auction soon), it really is an excellent video. One of the last to be shot on film, I have to give Matt Ramsey some credit for decent acting abilities, and no one can ignore his schlong, nor his ability to shoot some hefty loads. No wonder he's done so well in porn for 20 years! Although I have to admit to being partial to the Brian Michaels scene (oddly, his name is missing from the box, and most porno sites selling the dang video) - he's the "kid" who asks to come by Teach Ramsey's home to get some lessons on body-building, and takes all of 40 seconds to get his face in Ramsey's butt. But, Michaels dirty talk is just great, much like his scene in A Matter Of Size where he eggs on two of his buddies for a hot 3-way. But I digress........The sound of Ramsey tearing the kid's grey sweatpants so he can fuck him is extremely arousing!

busy busy day today.