Sunday, February 16, 2003

Well, work Saturday wasn't so bad; we had the news on all day, and I got to hear bits and pieces regarding the Peace Demonstrations. Patti Smith spoke, huge parts of the East Side of Manhattan were shut down... and of course, this was going on all over (link thanks to Barry) - speaking of, check out his page for some pics from the demo.

Two tidbits from work that made me smile - first, my co-worker, the delivery guy, during a slow moment, asked me: Hey, do you like war?" I giggled at first, but of course it was simply that neither of us is fluent in the other's native language (actually, I know 4 Spanish words, he does just fine in English) - but we both agreed we didn't like war. Then, a woman was calling in her order on the phone, then stopped and said: "Hold on a second, the TV is saying something stupid. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HATE TO SHOW THIS FOOTAGE 'CAUSE THE DEMONSTRATIONS DON'T REPRESENT ALL AMERICANS??? WELL IT FUCKIN' BLOODY WELL REPRESENTS ME!!! oh, sorry for yelling, but CNN can really piss me off sometimes."