Friday, February 14, 2003

New York By Night (Such A Pretty City)

Remember the other day I mentioned that I had several 8mm films? Well, while scanning them, I noticed the artwork for one had something I had never seen before - an image of BRUNO in what might be a 3-way! I don't recall Bruno ever being in a 3-way, and upon closer inspection, one of the men appears to be none other than Wade Nichols (aka Edge of Night star Dennis Parker) - of course, I knew Nichols had done porn, mostly str8 porn, but I also happen to have a copy of BOYNAPPED! where he costarred with Jamie Gillis, so I knew he had done gay porn at least the one time. But these Bullet films were actually 70's films produced by Target Studios, which was always high quality stuff, including lots of great still photography and magazines that rivaled Colt Studios way back when. But alas, this is just a generic box for these LeSalon released films, and the film itself is Kyle Hazard and Mark Anthony ( which is alright with me, of course - yum). The 3rd guy in the pic (I'm referring to the pic on the right, by the way) - don't have the foggiest idea who he is (Lucky Pierre, perhaps?) but I would love to find this film, if indeed it exists. Maybe it was just a magazine layout, and that would be cool, too.

Meanwhile, of course, some of you may know that Wade, er, Dennis Parker, released a disco album in 1978, I think - well, I had posted the single once before, but the album version of New York By Night is so much better - so here (there) it is! Lush strings, real bass thump thump thumping, and killer lyrics that couldn't be more 70's!