Thursday, February 20, 2003

gosh, I'm looking forward to tommorrow; finally a full day off. I realize that getting out of the house by 11am 4 days in a row, then by noon the next 2 days, isn't a big deal for most people, but I have the HARDEST time getting my act together so early! Of course, having the extra work this week will certainly help the dent the dental work did to my finances, so when I get the money for the work, I'll be grateful.

Sex? Did someone mention sex? I did try to have sex Sunday night, venturing out on my bike during the snowstorm, having a beer, but seeing no one of particular interest (and being the shy one, more importantly, no one seemed interested in me) so I headed back downtown for House of Regrets. Despite the weather, but probably because many had President's Day off, there was a good amount of men roaming and pacing and leering. After several minutes of joining in this activity myself, a man older than myself smiled as I passed his cubicle, so I invited myself in. Up and down, back and forth exchanges of kneeling and thrusting, soon he started the dirty talk. But it was lame dirty talk, like he was reading the back of a cereal box. Descriptions of what he would do with his "boy" if he could take his "boy" home plus 2 grams of polyunsaturatedfat and 100% of my RDA of vitamins floated through my head as it became harder and harder for me to stay, well, hard. I gave him the ol' pat-pat on the back "gee I need a break" routine, we both smiled weakly and zipped up, me leaving him in his stuffy room.

More pacing, and I went to one of the back cubicles, shut the door and smoked a bit of dope. I continued the pacing, then settled on a different cubicle and leaned against the door, glaring at eyeing the other men as they paced. Soon a man parked himself in a booth across the aisle, did the grab-grab thing through his pocket to show he had a cock while half-looking in my direction, then boldly moved out of his booth and within inches of me. I tried the "I'm not sure yet" look, but the warmth of his body nearing mine forced me to slowly move a few inches back into the booth, still looking in his direction, the universal code for "c'mon in, let's see what ya got." Another guy a few years older than me, he was slim, and his jeans were loose, hanging low, and showing off a hairy torso as I lifted his shirt for inspection. Light kissing, then ball-licking, lots of grabbing, kneeling, slurping, and it was clear he was much closer to finishing up than me, so I asked him to. Lifting my shirt, and clearly indicating where he ought to shoot, he did just as instructed; then with sheepish smiles we got dressed.

Bachelor number 3, otherwise known as "old reliable" kept giving me the old "c'mere smile", so I did, we said our hellos, we hugged like old friends, and started the grabfest. We've gone through the motions several times before, but I had forgotten what a nice set of balls he has, and how much he likes them played with. Grabbing, licking, and especially twisting, he was getting very excited, moaning and groaning, we switched places, things were going in the right direction, we swithced back, I was getting very ready and very close, then I got the ol' pat-pat on the back "gee I need a break" routine from him! Oh. Okay. Well, guess I'll pull my pants off from the floor, and untwist my longjohns, and see if I can stuff my inflated cock back inside without hurting myself.

By then it was 3:30 in the morning, and I paced for only a few more minutes before I did a reality check. Any newcomers would be quite drunk, and by now the snow would probably be quite beautiful, so it wasn't hard to pull myself away from all these stumbling men in this dank, dark place. The ride home was treacherous, but in a fun way - slipping and sliding, cars honking, me ignoring them, and finally get to my block, where a plow had basically made the street impossible to get to without getting off the bike and walking it thru the huge mounds of snow. Of course I did the obligatory snow-angel in front of my building, then headed inside for a raid on the refrigerator.