Friday, February 21, 2003

WHAT THE HELL WAS I SMOKING LAST NIGHT???? (oh yeah, it was actually some pretty good dope, that a friend passed on to me for free!) - so, excuse the momentary lapse in judement and taste - I listened to t.A.T.u. again, and they sound like friggin' chipmunks! I need to return to what I'm good at, porno, and the occasional liberal rant about whatever's buggin me. Got some free porn yesterday, in fact. Something called Truckstop Daddy which looked promising at first, as it looked like Steve Hurley (aka Titpig) was gonna get it on with his thick-dicked subboy, stay-at-home lover Eric Masterson (remember him in that great scene in Titan's Boner with Blake Harper?) - but alas, Eric's scene has him cheating with some bland guy (although, even though it's the third scene in the video, it's the first with actual kissing, which Masterson is clearly into), and Titpig does the usual with a frequent video partner, Buster. Too bad Masterson doesn't have a webpage!