Monday, February 24, 2003

Here I am, sitting around in my boxers, sipping coffee, reading crap blogs, having just made some phonecalls to straighten a few things out and enjoying my new disc, 100th Window, when the phone rings. Ya know, normally I don't answer the phone, but let the answering machine pick up (bill-collectors), but as I had several conversations, including a few left messages, this morning, I figured I ought to answer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Work. And he asks for "Mike" - ya gotta love it when your boss doesn't even remember your name after 6 months of work! Granted, he's not a morning person either (even though he works during the day), and after I said "you have the wrong number" he remembered my name (we don't even have a "Mike" at work!). Day shift counter clerk called out sick at the last minute, so I promised I would be there no later than 1pm. Which means, rush to post office, come back, clean up, and head over to Ave A for a double shift -- 1pm until midnight (but hell, i need the money!)

p.s. the album is great, I'm loving it!