Monday, February 10, 2003

While I will admit to fairly tepid anti-war sentiment on my own part (old age, hopelessness, and yes, a questioning of my so-called youthful idealism that all war is wrong) - I have to say this really disturbs me ------ Judge Blocks Anti - War March Near U.N.. What the New York Times/ A P wire story doesn't mention is that the NYC Police Department has denied all protest marches south of 59th st, and the organizers of this march claim the city won't let them march anywhere. The organizers plan an immediate appeal, and are rightfully not content with the police's idea of one of those fenced in little areas far away from where anyone can see them. I can't go, as I work that day, but being a Saturday, I sure hope whatever does materialize gets a good turn-out.

OK, time to get back on the bike and into the snowy weather, and get some work done before the night job.