Saturday, February 08, 2003

Well, thanks to all you kind folks who let me know that the link to NAUGHTYBIDS works. I'll slowly be adding more stuff there; but of course, it's an adult site, so you have to register, I think, to view - and certainly to bid on anything. Spent a good part of yesterday watching The Best of Ray Harley - (which was generously donated to me by a nice guy in Jersey) - of course I only watched it in 10-12 minute bits, cuz everytime someone's mouth went near that fuzzy Canadian's butthole ---- splll-att! Damn, he's one of those guys that makes you think, "yeah, I could fuck that."

And I'm still seeing the residuals (hits) of folks poking around my site looking for that BIGGERBETTERRAMSEYCLIP - as I asked one friend, what is is about gay men getting such a big kick out of seeing a big-dicked str8 man getting the fuck fucked out of him? Well, time for dinner, and time to go through my underwear drawer and see what I can, um, er, unload on NAUGHTYBIDS.