Sunday, September 23, 2001

celebrity endorsements
(so, I finally figured out how to do a day's worth of blogs chronologically; i just had to hit that "chronological within the day" button - hmmpf)

well, if Gordan Grant says I should try Locker Room, then I think I'll run out and get myself a bottle before I head to the Cock for my Sunday Night out. Actually, I doubt I'll buy any, but I will be out, since I've decided Sunday will be SEX AND SILLINESS day for me - nothing here will be about you-know-what - just porn, sex, smoking dope, drinking beer, jerking off to those new porn videos that came in the mail this week ( GAGETAPE copies of Kansas City Trucking Co. and El Paso Wrecking Corp.; Arch Brown's Harely's Angels , Steve Scott's Gold Rush Boys and a previosuly unheard of early 80's film, We'll Meet Again ).

All I have to do is see if I can squeeze a few bucks out of a cash machine, roll a couple joints, and pick out a good jockstrap - so, if you happen to be out at the Cock Sunday night, just stick some poppers under my nose, and I'll be sure to show my appreciation........... meanwhile, I just remembered I also got a good copy of Jack Deveau's classic A Night At The Adonis, with Jack Wrangler.