Wednesday, September 12, 2001

getting a bit freaked out today......haven't actually seen in person, any of my pals today, just some phone calls. still can't make long distance calls. took a ride just now over to the west side again, and as I approached, it was quite smokey/sooty; lots of folks with those face-masks. at 6th and houston, a small vocal crowd cheering and applauding any time a rescue vehicle of any sort drove by; which you could tell the folks inside appreciated, grim faces breifly grinning. Over at the West Side highway, a bit more of this, scattered, but determined sign holders to great each passing vehicle. there were also folks on foot, heading to and from the chelsea piers, but I couldnt go that far up, not wanting to get in the way or seem like a gawker. I did find a semi-isolated spot to sit by the Hudson, in the new, but half-unfinished, park. The combination of amazingly crisp, clear weather, and the cloud of soot moving in grey clouds in one direction and then another from that illuminated area downtown......... from this vantage point, I allowed myself to think about other times here, late at night, sometimes desolated, sometimes cruisey....... other times the fireworks from gay pride, and tonight, parked emergency vehicles, exhausted workers slowly walking up the newly paved bicycle paths, a woman walking her dog, stopping to applaud, all by herself, a van transporting more weary workers........ too much, too much