Tuesday, September 25, 2001

vote early, and vote often

I'm very proud to have grown up in Chicago, where that was the unofficial Democratic Party slogan. Earlier today, after weighing carefully the candidates for mayor, I went to the nearly empty polling place, and had 3 people try to figure out how to let me vote. Only one of my assigned helpers was over the age of 82, a refreshing change, until I realized the guy saying "which Fitzpatrick?" couldn't tell that there was only one Fitzpatrick on his list........ ( I guess Ferme and Franklin look alot like Fitzpatrick).

  • Hevesi - "I'd be willing to delay my inauguration as mayor if I'm elected" ("gosh, it sure looks like a tough job, maybe I don't really want it")
  • Green - "if elections could be held during the Civil War, they certainly could now" (how old is this guy, anyway?)
  • Vallone - "all those photo-ops with the mayor down the toilet" (but I'm still city council president, and there ain't gonna be no 3rd term!)
  • Ferrer - "I wonder if having Al Sharpton speak for me these past 2 days was a good idea?" (but maybe the geeks seeing I use a FLASH splash page on my website will be impressed)
  • "I would urge them to vote if they want to," - Giuliani ("yeah, yeah. I used to support term limits...")
  • NONE OF THE ABOVE - ahhhh, old reliable, my all-time favorite candidate; worked for me in 1996 (oh wait, I wrote myself in, and boy did those old ladies have a fit!) --see ya at the run-off Oct 11th.