Tuesday, September 04, 2001


i don't know where to begin.
  • sex last night with the cute local boy who got a bit weirded out after he came (something about "never doing this before" - i think he meant the videocam)???
  • sex sunday night, which I mentioned already, but it was truly fantastic, and still makes me smile thinking about it???
  • getting those rare GAGETAPES on eBay this afternoon?????
  • thinking about dressing my friend RANTING Dan up in slave gear as I lead him around The Lure ???????

  • or maybe how incredifuckingamazing I feel having the honor of going to see HER wednesday night??????????????

    i can't even think straight right now (yeah, I know, but the str8 jokes are just TOOOO obvious, eh?) my heart has been racing since 12:05 this afternoon when the email confirmation came in:
    Thank you for purchasing your tickets with ticketmaster.com.
    We have received your order for 2 tickets to:

    Wednesday, Sep 5 2001 8:45PM

    please sir, may I have more?

    SHE will be on Letterman tonight at 11:30(ish) but will also be doing an AOL LIVE CHAT at 7pm!!!!!!!!!!!