Saturday, September 08, 2001

gosh, so hungover i can't even feel that remix of HUMAN BEHAVIOR throbbing....... and that thump thump thump?...... oh, my next door neighbor! well, someone woke me up hours ago via mini-van powered megaphone, urging me to vote for him on tuesday - sorry, I'm voting for the queer preppy guy, who would know NEVER to blast political messages before 10 am on a Saturday!

and all the coffee mugs and spoons are in the sink, getting scarier by the day..........guess i can just pour some half-and-half and sugar directly in the Procter-Silex carafe and drink it str8 from there...... and it appears I am the last person on the planet to download Dandy Warhols' Cool as Kim Deal - but all the grooviest tunes on the Phoenix's jukebox last night seemed to be by them

and how long was I just staring at that young redhead last night? I mean, even after some other guy went over, brought him a beer, and was chatting him up, I was still looking at that cute boy's face, and cuddly body - and he was probably 25 at the most, which usually scares me.... but, ya gotta be realistic.... more and more cuties are gonna be YOUNGER than you, as you get older, eh?