Monday, September 03, 2001

what the hell are you doing to my balls, and DON'T STOP!

just dripping sweat, all over me, as I grab his head and playfully pull on his goatee, as if it could get any closer into my crotch. he's pulled my cock out of my NYPD jockstrap, and I can't believe how hard he's gotten me; usually a victim of "performance anxiety", his abilities to get me over this are truly astounding. i'm sure it has a lot to do with the slow build-up - (including some passionate, "hard-kissing" only minutes earlier) the fact that we did the awkward "hey nice to see you again" over an hour before, not knowing how to deal with our previous Sunday Night's fun only a few feet from this same spot. But, we chatted for awhile, then split up, found each other again, watched the pornformance on stage (those were some huge dildos going up that beautiful ass, and quite smoothly, I might add!). my pal is several inches shorter than me, so he was having some difficulty seeing. after I maneuvered over to a good spot right next to the stage, I motioned for him to join me, and he stood in front of me, watching, as we just lighly brushed against each other non-chalantly, holding each other up as the crowd pushed by, etc

Man Parrish was cranking out some really great tunes; granted, that one disco/opera/techno remix thing from 1998 that he always plays is a bit annoying, but other than that, there was some great stuff - some fantastic Public Image-sounding thump thump thump screaming thing; that PSychotically sped-up newish mix of Pull Up To The Bumper; all sorts of 90's remixes of 80's tunes (Relax, Situation, etc) and at one point, after my "pal" and I had clearly established some sort of physical rapport, I was doing my "Que Sera, Sera " bit, quite comfy if we "did it" quite comfy if we didn't, as I told him I was getting a beer, and walked to the bar, that corner I like just under the speaker, and ordered my Rolling Rock. Genius of Love had just begun, and I was in college flashback mode, remembering bong hits in the dorm, drag queens performing "Give Me Back My Man" at Mobile, Alabama's "Hard Act", and dreaming of moving to New York and finding a cute boyfriend with a new york accent........... as the song wound down, I could see my boy (with the cutest accent) was still in the same spot, so I returned, he smiled, touched me lightly, we continued the vague flirtation, it was nice, real nice.....