Sunday, September 30, 2001

the thing I like about sundays are that I am more relaxed. Since I almost always go out Sunday night, planning/hoping to be a bit slutty, I can relax during the day, be a bit less obsessed about sex. Sure, the AOL chatroom is on, and I do respond to those occasional Instant Messages, but knowing I want to save "it" for later, I rarely take them seriously.

Steveclickak47NY [1:20 PM]: hi
Bjland [1:25 PM]: hey man
Steveclickak47NY [1:25 PM]: hi
Steveclickak47NY [1:25 PM]: u bi are gay

Bjland [1:26 PM]: um, your profile says you are looking for a "dream girl"
Steveclickak47NY [1:26 PM]: yup
Steveclickak47NY [1:26 PM]: are u bi

Bjland [1:26 PM]: sorry, not a girl here
Steveclickak47NY [1:27 PM]: are u
Steveclickak47NY [1:27 PM]: hello
Steveclickak47NY [1:28 PM]: ok bye then

I already got an email today from a guy who wants me to wear this leather cockring I have, get it a bit worn, and mail it to him. Cool. Inspriation is always helpful, so let me slip it on now, as I tease myself (nope, won't cum, I'll save "it" for later) by watching The Best Of Colt Films Part 3 - that "solo" scene with Al Parker is pretty good (he's sorta solo, these hands come from nowhere as he jacks off in this car) but of course the scene with Bruno and Clint Lockner (has Clint Lockner ever appeared in porn without being a cop?) is the one that usually gets me rock hard. Last night, it was The Come On with Mickey Squires and Jack Hacker that pushed me over the edge......