Sunday, September 23, 2001

sex and silliness

damn, I must say, A Night At The Adonis is an awesome film - that Jack Wrangler and Jayson MacBride are fantastic. And this morning? Well, when Master X immed me "Morning Boy" I just couldn't. I mean, I feel really really silly typing "yes sirs" and "may I sirs" - sure, you wanna come over and drop your balls in my mouth, no problem with the "may I have more please, sir" then; you wanna hold my head in your hairy crotch and force me (ha!) to gobble up your hard cock, and beg you "Please sir, shoot your load on my undeserving hairy chest" - NO PROBLEM! - but I just can't get into it thru the keyboard and monitor, I'm too aroma-oriented for that - I need to smell your sweaty balls before I can be the "good boy" kneeling, greedy, grateful cocksucker that you want me to be, ya know?????