Friday, September 07, 2001

Monday night
watching tv , but still online and in a chat room (as usual) , not paying much attention. This local boy pops up on my screen, i recognized the screename, we've chatted before, but got nowhere (i figured i was too this, or not enough that...ya know?) but he was friendly, and soon enough, he seemed interested in coming over. I mentioned showering, and he said "Oh, should I shower before i come over", to which i responded "that's cool or do it when you get here, i have plenty of towels, and i can videotape you while while you're showering"

This seemed to really intrigue him, and we discussed how I had several boys on tape, and he wanted to see them, and then he asked "will you videotape me sucking your cock?" (he had seen a pic, and had already complimented me, which was nice) - so of course I said "sure" and gave him the address, he said he'd be over in 25, so I bathed, set up the camera, etc.

Compared to the pic he e-mailed, he was cuter, but seemed a bit younger, in person (he's 29 - a kid!) We watched a recent taping I'd done, and he got "in the mood" quickly. A bit unsure, and tentative, he managed to slurp away quite fine for a short while; then we switched, slurp slurp some more, the tape ran out, and I put on a regular porno tape (Closed Set) ....... which he seemed to dig. His cock was very excited, very thick, hard and long (which is always nice, of course) but he lacked any sort of passion. He avoided kissing, and thats just kinda difficult for me to get into. Still, I managed to find several things to do with my mouth, and got the camera ready, pointing it over to the couch we were sitting on. "Not my face, not my face!" he squealed - okay, ok, - sheesh! i thought, realizing i wouldn't be getting an on-tape blowjob.......
I set up the camera so that we could use the tv set as a monitor, so he could see that it was aimed in a way so as to get him from around the chest down to his knees (he kept his shirt on, which was too bad, he was nicely hairy). His cock remained remarkably hard while I set it up, then I went back over to him, and gobbled him up for awhile. While he layed back, we were doing fine, but he lost "interest" if he was actually looking over at the tv set (is my bald head that unappealing??). once i got his legs up high, he couldn't see, and could only feel, and he sprang back to life.... and whispered very lightly that he was "close" so of course I asked if he wanted to cum, or prolong it awhile; he nodded to prolonging it. then I straddled his cute face, and fucked his mouth for awhile, but, unfortunatley, since he barely moved much, this really didnt get captured well on tape (I think you can just see the back of my knees, and him stroking his own cock) soon he looked up, and whispered "can you cut the tape?" which i did, returned, we changed positions again, and soon he was ready to cum - and, "house rules" I insisted he get it on my chest (they say it helps grow hair, so...)

then, he put his clothes back on so quickly (not that i've never done that myself, but still...) mentioned that he was tired, had only gotten back a few hours earlier, having spent the last few days "back home" - ahhhh, i thought, 3 days with the family, and you'll agree to have sex with anyone, gotcha.... but, being a New Yorker, even though he was in a hurry to get out of here, he still poked his head into the bathroom, and my bedroom, checking it out rather thoroughly - i'm only surprised he didn't ask what I'm paying. as he opened the door to go, he turned and said, "burn that tape, i can't believe i did that!"

i only wish he stayed long enough to hear me say "without a cum shot, I can't sell it on eBay, so no problem kid, consider it burned" (yeah, right.........)