Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Do I seem like an on-line a-hole? I sometimes get these emails that say "like your site, but fear of being mocked in your public diary has kept me from writing" OUCH! I am such a pussycat, it's hard for me to believe ( yeah, yeah, i know, i used the p---y word). But i think I only make fun of the silliness of AOL chats and chatrooms, and of course silly pics and profiles i come across. But i can be a gentleman, really, I can. For example, just a few moments ago I got an email offer of sex from a gentleman on CRUISTOOL, with a pic of his gaping butthole winking at me.

rawtopdowntown: Hey fuzzy. What you up to? I have to come to the East today anyway.

ME: sorry, not my scene, but have fun anyway

I didn't make fun of his b-hole, I didn't point out that if he's the top, i should be seeing a hothardthickmanmeat pic instead of pulsating b-hole pic, and I didn't comment on the advisability of unprotected sex with a stranger. Nor did I point out how special and desired I feel knowing that he's only interested because he'll be in my neighborhood anyway. A simple polite "no thanks" - pussycat here, yup.