Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Grrrrrr. I can't get the music clip below to work (update: it works now), so let's just try some Chi Chi LaRue for a diversion while I work out the technical difficulties. This is the briefest scene from BACKSEAT B.J., a video I just happened to have posted on eBay today. I remember back in the early 90's, when Chi Chi was churning out tons of not-so-good videos - same formula - suck suck, rim rim, fuck fuck, and then the camera would move from the models off to some inanimate object, like a vase, a window, and then fade out. It used to drive me crazy, and I just couldn't bare (bear?) watching. Then, Boot Black II came out, had one of my all time faves, Aiden Shaw, plus Cliff Parker (slurp!), so I rented it despite it being another Chi Chi video. WOW! She had come a long way. Technically it was so great - finally someone was using lighting, music, sound, and snappier editing to create a more sensuous, not just sexual, feel, to a porn movie again. Now of course, many of those techniques are overused these days, but it was good to see the growth in her videomaking. Now where was I? Oh yeah, this clip from Backseat B.J. (gotta love the title, eh?), an all oral movie is a great example of the proper use of a totally black background, with simple primarly colors for the model's clothing.