Sunday, November 24, 2002

Now, where was i?
oh yeah - Rydar Hanson. Usually when casually mentioning an 80's porn star, i'd link to maybe the HIS Video page dedicated to the star; but that page sucks. Sure, it has a few of his videos, but not even half of his output. Born Wolfgang Praegert in Germany in 1957, he died of AIDS in 1989. Lightly hairy, uncut, beautiful body, incredibly edible ass (which I might add was never fully given its due on film or video) he was a typical 80's pornstar, in a couple good videos, but poorly utilized in most - (bad sex, bad lighting, awful editing, you got the idea). To see a fuller listing of the video titles, you should check out this relatively new, but fantastic site I learned of only the other day, Woody's Gay Video Erotic Index. Fantastic cross-referencing of pornstars, video titles, and directors, I've spent hours the past couple of days looking up info. And, the WEBMASTER contacted me and asked for some help if I see errors or missing info, so I'm only too happy to add my 2 cents. Check it out, and send the guy a note if you are enjoying his hard work!

Back to the video box cover below (yesterday's brief post) - that's Hanson on the cover,all decked out in leather, looking pretty tasty (although I don't think he's wearing that outfit on this video). It's one of those compilation videos put out by Magnum Griffin, an interesting company from the 1970's that i know little about. Their actual 1970's output was great - a bunch of magazines, high-quality photography, beautiful men including Jack Wrangler, and some great loops - 10-15 minute films ( the voice-overs were laughable, best to be turned off if you wanted to get off). By the 80's, when video was hitting big, they released these loops on tape, packaged usually an hour's worth - so they included 4-6 clips. But only Volumes 1-5 or 6 seem to be their own, original work, and something like Vol 9 shown below is a mish mosh of 70's and 80's stuff (I haven't looked fully, but it has the Jack Wrangler whack off scene from Kansas City Trucking, the Rydar Hanson/ Eric Stryker scene from Thinking Big, and several others. (Yes, soon to be available for purchase on eBay, once I preview it and take note of all the scenes).

Oh yeah, I definately need to learn Photoshop - that boxcover pic would look great with all the words deleted, and cropped just below his nicely unsnipped cock, doncha think?