Friday, November 01, 2002


Here's a quickie for my dial-up friends (30 seconds, 1mb, how can you not look??!). From director Robert Prion, who isn't really a fave of mine, but he does two things I like - he used to use all this dance-wave 80's music (Pet Shop Boys, Blondie, and some crappy stuff, too) illegally, ( I think he stopped sometime in the mid 90's) and he always has these quickie intros, some kind of quick sex, like 4 guys cumming on one guy, or a simple "facial" like this clip here, where the actor(s) would then say something that included the title of the movie. A bit controversial, as he seemed to be one of the last directors to finally use condoms in his videos, and very few of them had cum IN someone's mouth this late in the game (1988).