Monday, November 04, 2002

I love the post office. At least, mine here on E 3rd st. (and I'm not even taking into consideration the cute queer clerk - I'm sure he's queer as I bumped into him at one of those late-night 10dollars-cumintomybooth places). Anyway, the clerks are always looking out for me, and even if I pop in to just check my mailbox, they've even been known to run out the door after me telling me there's a package, but the slip wasn't in the box yet. Something like that happened today, slip wasn't in box, but clerk on her way to lunch saw me in line, and went back to grab a box that had just come in. My Seattle pal had sent me a box of videos - 4 "Jaguar Classics" that she duped for me, plus 3 originals she got on eBay for me. During the period when I was banned from eBay (the longest 45 days of my life!), she did some bidding on my behalf, but I had to scold her when she went too high (she insisted she had to see Jack Wrangler in N Y Construction Company, so would've bought it even if I hadn't wanted it). Right now I have And ... God Created Men (Et... Dieu crea les Hommes is the original French title) playing, which I only have the vaguest recollections of. But I knew it was real hard to find, and was elated when she won the auction. After she got the tapes in and watched, she wrote ecstatically about one humourous scene, and I immediately knew which one she meant, having remembered the scene clearly enough, but not which film I had seen it in (we're talking 20 years ago). Sometime this week I must post the scene, so all I will say for now is that it's one of the earlier phone sex scenes I'd seen in a porn flick. OOH! Men's Room gloryhole scene - gotta run!