Friday, November 15, 2002

Last night came home from work and began the usual - turn computer on, strip down to boxers, grab a ginger ale, and settle in and check email, website stats, eBay auctions.... the usual. But I get to one email, and it said something like "Hi, my name is *** *******, and a friend mentioned there was a webpage with some of the work I was involved in from the 70's" - I almost fell out of my chair! the email was from someone who was involved in some of the great gay porno films, the ones I TOTALLY LOVE, and not only was he pleased with what he read, but he offered that someday we should meet so he could answer some questions I might have. Now, perhaps to most of you , this is like no big deal, but I was shaking with excitement. Even without the offer to meet (I only hope the gushing email I sent back didn't scare him off!), just that he saw the pages, and thanked me for my "wonderful coverage and praise of our work" - holy crap, how awesome! Well, I was supposed to get some work done today on the computer, as I just got a handful of videos in that I want to post for auction, but of course I can probably spare a few minutes and find some HOT GAY PORNO to post, right? So, stay tuned, and see what I come up with.