Saturday, November 16, 2002

So I'm looking at the menu - deep fried ribs, chicken, steaks; the smell of deep fryers filling the air, the huge drink glasses being carried around the restaurant, and just as I find the 3 seafood items ( the only "meat" I will eat), the Birthday Boy declares "don't touch the seafood, it's terrible." Grrrrr. I get the shrimp anyway, knowing it will be mostly french fries (it is), and not to be a party pooper, I get one of those "Texas-size" margueritas that come in the heavy, huge stemmed glasses. Garsh, my head is still pounding, and I only had one of those syrup-filled monstrosities. 50 bucks later (you know the deal, someone else gets several drinks, with extra shots, then declares "it's easier to split the check 4 ways" when the check comes), I can't wait to get home. Restless night's sleep, my stomach is quite angry with me. OOOOH, cold windy wet day today, time for work!