Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I'm very happy to see that LINK & THINK is back this year. It's a fantastic project to get folks with weblogs (on-line diaires, journals, etc) to use their webpage to observe WORLD AIDS DAY, DEC 1st, either by linking to resources about the disease, or sharing personal stories about HIV/AIDS. Last year I did not officially participate, in the sense that I didn't add my website to the official list, as I have way too much pornography here, and didn't want folks to unwittingly click thru and get some seedy story or unsightly uncut cock pic (don't you hate when that happens?) But I did add my 2 cents, and quite frankly, was a bit disappointed that so many folks only posted the LINK & THINK logo, without really using the opportunity to share their thoughts, or questions, or observations, or whatever, on the topic. I know it's hard - it's a tough subject to tackle, and it's always a pain in the ass to participate in something with a deadline, as so many of us, certainly me, prefer the freedom to use our page as the mood dictates. And, World AIDS Day falls on a Sunday this year, and many folks post their blog from an office, and don't have access over the weekend. BUT, there's close to 2 weeks to give it some thought - folks you miss, pictures of people you admire, memories of getting tested, or what it's like to live with AIDS, whatever.... so I hope you go to the LINK & THINK page (courtesy of the very hard work of Brad), and seriously consider participating.