Thursday, November 07, 2002

going for the record
4 weeks ago this afternoon, I had sex. Last time I had sex, in fact. Was pretty good, from what I can remember. But it looks like I'm gonna break my record of 5 weeks, and that was from the mid 90's. I had a boyfriend then, so it was particularly pitiful, you know? But the best part, is that the 5 week drought wasn't broken by him. I had been riding around aimlessly on my bike that day, and as I was passing the Strand Bookstore, a particularly handsome man was staring in my direction. I slowed, but didn't stop, then circled the block and tried to re-locate him, ARRGGGGH! Nope, no where in sight.

Hours later, I was leaving my apartment to go to the Tunnel Bar on 7th st, and who should be walking right by? Yup, this cutie from earlier in the day, we smiled, he kept walking, and somehow I got up the nerve to say some corny line, and he stopped, we chatted, I invited him inside my apartment. We did the kissy thing first for awhile, and flies got unzipped and grope grope grope. Then he starts to pull my shirt off. Uh Oh. I just realized that I had just buzzed off my chesthair. Which, in 1994, wasn't an unusual thing, except that I had done only the left side of my torso. Rather than say anything, I let him pull my shirt off and I waited for his reaction. Saying nothing, he just started licking around my waist as he tried to undo my belt. Hmmm. He got to the goods, made all the appropriate yummy noises as he devoured my cock and balls. Then, looking up into my eyes, he quietly said "can you do that to me?" Gulp. Um, no problem. So as I tried to change places with him, he stopped me. "No, I mean, can you do the same thing to my balls, aren't your shaved?" Oh, that! Yes, they were, sorta, and I explained that i actually trimmed them, not actually shaved, and he pleaded with me to do his. As soon as the hum of the trimmer started, his cock got rock hard, and he grabbed it and started pumping away as I worked on his balls, his fuzzy hairs droppping to the floor of my kitchen. I finished up just as he started scrunching his face, and managed to postion myself so as to catch most of what he shot all over my chest (both the hairy, and the buzzed, sides).