Sunday, November 03, 2002

(more) DICKS I have known

I met this dick on AOL, too, of course. We were both using some sort of HOTjockstrap4U screenname, did the pic exchange thing, and he complimented me on my photo-taking abilities. I volunteered to take some of him, saying I need practice doing others (pic-taking, that is), and while it took a couple of weeks to set it up, it was worth it. Tight, smooth, muscular dancer's body, he looked much better in person. He had a jock he wanted to do his pics in, then I showed him my box of jocks, and I think I have an NYPD series of him somewhere on this harddrive. Anyway, he needed a bit of coaching (why do bottomguys always have to stick their asses out and up in the air like a cat in heat wearing high-heels? I mean, it's a big fleshy bulbous thing, we ain't gonna miss it!), but was he was fairly relaxed, followed orders (er, I mean directions) and soon enough we were going at it. Jokingly, I suggested videotaping, he seemed intrigued, and when I showed him I could set it up so that his face wasn't visable, he was very into it. Really into it. I had to keep holding back so he wouldn't cum too fast, and after a few short minutes, he came, I came, we collapsed in laughter, and the tape looks darn good, if I must say so myself (I must; the lighting was great daylight bouncing off the neighboring building, and even though the camera was stationary, I was "practiced" enough to know how to move around within the frame to keep it interesting). Anyway, a few weeks later, I emailed him that the video was pretty good, and I could put it on VHS. He was supposed to pick it up about a week later, with me adding the uncut EL PASO WRECKING (see post below), but he never showed. A week after that appointment, he instant messages me, non-chalant "how's it going" etc., and I asked about the previous Friday's plans. "OH! Gee, I didn't go into Manhattan that day." ME: - " um, you have my phone number and email address" HIM: oh, yeah.

Gosh, this was around 2-1/2 years ago. It was a Sunday afternoon in April, he wanted to fuck, but was tired of the chatrooms, lived real close. so he "settled" for oral. Another shorty with a biggee (seriously, this pic does not do him justice), he was very into the barking orders while you were already doing the thing he was ordering thing. While stuffing my face, he did the inevitable "Do you like that, boy? Tell me you like it, boy!" I rolled my eyes, thinking "Don't the yummy noises give you a clue? How 'bout the hard-on I'm sprouting way way down there, or ain't ya lookin'?" Shove shove, bark bark, splat splat; we finished, he left.