Wednesday, November 27, 2002

So, everybody has the day off tomorrow, and the Phoenix has $1.00 draft (Bud) tonight. I get off work around midnight, and could bike home, change out of my work t-shirt, then be there by 12:30 and...... hmmmm. The folks I used to hang out with are mostly paired off, or don't do the bars anymore; strangers will stay that way (I rarely approach anyone in a bar) - they are all much younger, anyway. So I could down a beer or two, stare at the juke box, then head down to House of Regrets and spend 10 bucks to pace back and forth. Weird mood today, contemplative. I honestly have lots to be thankful for, and tomorrow will be spent with 2 good friends plus maybe 2-3 others I don't know. Reading a few blogposts that really rubbed me the wrong way - as I haven't completely settled on how I feel about them, only that the callousness displayed is rather unsettling. One post is a stranger, and yes, a young one, which I would usually dismiss, but can't. The other two are guys I've met, and like, if only casually. Well, this is all very vague, but my apartment is a mess and no time to flesh this out at the moment.