Tuesday, July 24, 2001

E-MALE (gosh, what a lame-ass title!)

while i don't get much in terms of fan mail, and i never get blog-spotted, i got 2 interesting bits of email today. One was a simple "please please help me find this old porno movie i've been after" (Boynapped, which I don't have, but I found an online retail store for the guy)..... and the other was, I think, true blogger fan mail:

"Your blog rocks dude! Hope your gettin it more this
summer. Yo, I'm lookin for some pit smelling you know
with an older guy like you at the Cock. when do the
older guys go???? help, thanks!!"

now, there are many ways to dissect this. Most of my friends who got a forwarded copy of the email took issue with the "older guy" thing - hey, i'm 40, and I don't have an issue with it, and if some young guy wants to call me Daddy while licking my pits, sounds fine to me! But then again, he didn't say he wanted my pits, he wanted someone like me. I havent heard back from the (presumably) young man.

So, any interesting takes on this email, feel free to share with me - who knows, I might post it here, I might send you some dirty pics of my 40-year-old pits, ya never know.

Meanwhile, with a heat index in NYC of 97 at 6:30, I think this'll be a good night for some COCK ACTION (but some of us older guys don't get there before 1 a.m.)