Saturday, July 21, 2001

friday night looked too, too scarey out there. this city, this neighborhood, just FILLS UP with tourist-types on summer weekends, as the locals-with-employment (not me!) head outta town. So, stayed in, and finally watched that clip I videotaped of the dancer and I. We had already been going at it for awhile before I mentioned the camera, so he said sure, but warned me he might not have much "time" left in him! Damn! I mean, is it weird to get off watching yourself greedily devour another guy's crotch? Granted, he had a great body, hard-as-rock cock, and cute, tight ass. And my own enthusiasm showed quite clearly. Only about 12 minutes long, and of course I just set up the camera, and didn't change the angle, focus, or anything once i got back into his jockstrap..... I'll have to get some stills from that, cuz I can't believe we actually managed to captured on tape his cum shooting across my face, and some of it landing on my scruffy goatee...... i remember not washing up for several hours, the aroma of cum, and his stickiness on my fuzzy chest all day, kept me grinning for a long time.