Monday, July 23, 2001

oh, yeah. Don't forget the 24hour BLOGATHON this weekend. I'm sponsoring mermaniac (bill, nice, fun guy)- check him out, as well as the others at the BLOGATHON site

  • soft-spoken Portuguese into the back of your neck as you drift off
  • his snoring that seems to be an integral part of the bjork disc that's still playing
  • falling asleep all sticky from him
  • he kisses you in the morning before you can even think to check your breath
  • his aroma on your pillow, hours after he's left
  • finding yourself trapped in a 2 foot square corner of your bed while he takes up the rest of the mattress
  • hurredly making coffee in the morning without yer glasses on
  • figuring out which socks are his

    well, looks like making coffee and sorting socks are a small price to pay for (giggling to myself sheepishly, I go back to bed...)