Monday, July 30, 2001

A pretty rush down my spine

cash card, check.
both cockrings, check.
sweat and smoke imbued dago-tee, check.
remnants of weed in back pocket, check.


well, what i do remember is that several of the tunes were very, very porno. Most notably Take California with that 70's tv cop show car-chase music. It's just so "on your knees boy and take-it-all", ya know? Just like the opening sequence in Gage's L. A. Tool & Die , alot of the tunes last night made that groping around in the dark thing work real well. Amazing how the music, the humidity, the close crowdedness, even the aroma wasn't what made the difference, as intoxicating as it all was..... just say "blackout party!" turn off those lights, and we make our own lil' Closed Set. Can't tell you how many backs of necks I licked, like some salt-starved animal, but each sweat-soaked one tasted even better than the previous one.....

funny how leather pants just never seem to absorb that smoke-smell, unlike everything else that was attached to my body. maybe something to do with smoke rising, as those trousers were rarely far from the ground......