Saturday, July 28, 2001

too tired to think/write. Some highlights, of the past 2 days:

Blogger and Geocities not getting along, and couldn't publish yesterday's blog until many many hours after it might've looked good.

Despite his best efforts, our Prez wound up on the cutting room floor of the new Planet of the Apes movie (I'm hoping to go today)

Friday at Lure. (For more on The Lure). Not many folks there, despite no cover charge. One guy had this huge, HAVE A SEAT mustache, and a cigar as big as his beer bottle. I was captivated, I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He walked toward me, but turned towards the bar, still puffing, and then, a huge ash fell, and he squealed! I mean, I've got nothing against squealing, I do it often enough myself, but it really really ruined the mood......
Another guy was getting his boots shined, sitting up high in that chair, looking down at the crowd, and I took a seat below, and again, a mustache that would've felt really really good right up under my balls..... but, alas, he went off with 2 muscle guys, but for those few minutes, looking up at him, him holding his beer bottle in his lap like it was his hard cock, waiting for me..... grrrrr....

Biked over to the Cock, and soon enough, amongst the smoke and humidity, Hot Stuff starts blasting. A song I don't really care for, except it made me go back 20 years, to the Bijou Theatre on Wells St in Chicago's Old Town, redlight, head-bopping, crotch-groping ....... ahhhhh... and the music only got better, and I flipped out when a cool remix I hadn't heard in years started blasting, especially cuz so many of the cute guys obviously recognized it too, and started dancing, when Big Time Sexuality was playing, and mixed with Sylvester's Take Me To Heaven ?? yeah, man!

(this is where I describe the man who's nipple i only got to lick for all of 14 seconds before he excused himself with "I'm gonna take a walk" - but I'm too bitterly disappointed, and some godawful song by HEART played, and my ass automatically left the bar, sat on the bike, and waited patiently for the rest of me to get out there)

Don't forget the BLOGATHON today! He said he'd be nude for the whole thing!