Sunday, July 01, 2001

so, when you haven't had actual** sex in 3 weeks, stuff like this, while having morning (i.e 1pm) coffee, makes you laugh. In case you weren't home last night watching Mother May I Sleep With Danger? it ends with Tori pushing the guy into the lake, she and Mom run briefly, turn around, say "he's gone" and the next scene, the same guy is hitting on another HOT CHICK, but with curly hair and a goatee (the guy has curly hair and the goattee, that is). Gee, "Mother May I Sleep With Danger Again?" - I'm sure I'll be home alone on the Saturday night that airs!

** actual sex = "cumming while there is another male somewhere in the same room as you" (i've revised my defination from "both men cumming while in the same room" so as to alleviate SOME of the depression)