Tuesday, July 31, 2001

i think this is how sunday night began....

OfficerFriendly [12:00 AM]: Hey buddy.
Bjland [12:00 AM]: hey man
OfficerFriendly [12:01 AM]:YOU partying and playing tonite?
Bjland [12:01 AM]: actually, not much of a partier, i guess,,, not into chemicals
OfficerFriendly [12:01 AM]: Good healthy fun. Just smoke grass myself.
Bjland [12:02 AM]: oh, ok... most guys seem to mean chems when they say "party play"
OfficerFriendly [12:02 AM]: Gotcha. Just grass here.
Bjland [12:02 AM]: where are ya?
OfficerFriendly [12:02 AM]: 26 and 3rd Ave.
OfficerFriendly [12:04 AM]: Going to check out Lure and Rawhide now. Catch u later buddy.
Bjland [12:05 AM]: hmm, Cock for me tonight, slurp ya later then
Bjland [12:05 AM]: thought Lure was pretty quiet on sundays
OfficerFriendly [12:05 AM]: It is but no other places to wear leather.
Bjland [12:06 AM]: hmmmm,
Bjland [12:06 AM]: i just wear pants, feels good in the backroom at the Cock
OfficerFriendly [12:06 AM]: Where is cock located? Is Sunday good nite?
Bjland [12:07 AM]: sunday is good after 1 am
Bjland [12:07 AM]: avenue A, and 12th st
Officerknow [12:07 AM]: Cover?
Bjland [12:07 AM]: south east corner. i think 8 bucks to get in, loud
Bjland[12:07 AM]: and steamy
OfficerFriendly [12:08 AM]: Thanks bud. Will try it!
Bjland [12:08 AM]: maybe i'll slurp you there,
Bjland [12:08 AM]: how will i know you?

OfficerFriendly [12:08 AM]: You wearing leather too.
Bjland [12:08 AM]: going to wear the pants, and a-shirt prob
OfficerFriendly [12:08 AM]: Leather pants with white stripe down side.
Bjland [12:09 AM]: ahhhhh, make sure you let me check out your cock, would love the smell of leather while i, well, you know..
OfficerFriendly [12:09 AM]: What does ISO stand for?
Bjland [12:09 AM]: in search of
OfficerFriendly [12:09 AM]: Some guy sent note. Thanks.
Bjland [12:12 AM]: well, i'll be looking for the white stripe...
OfficerFriendly [12:12 AM]: Woof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bjland[12:13 AM]: well, if you have a nice cock, i hope to hear you say that live!
OfficerFriendly [12:13 AM]: I'll whisper it to you bud. But there's more to me than cock!
Bjland [12:14 AM]: balls are important......
OfficerFriendly [12:14 AM]: Woof.
Bjland [12:14 AM]: esp if you dont shave down there.....
Bjland [12:14 AM]: pulling them out of your leather pants....
Bjland [12:14 AM]: sweaty for me..
OfficerFriendly [12:14 AM]: Make you smell sweaty balls.
Bjland [12:15 AM]: well, i'm hopping in the shower, roll a joint, head over there by 1am
OfficerFriendly [12:15 AM]: Bring grass for us to smoke too bud.
Bjland[12:15 AM]: if you say so, i will
OfficerFriendly [12:16 AM]: Woof. Yeah pussyboy!
Bjland[12:16 AM]: oops, dont go for the p-word, I don't have one of those,my friend
Bjland [12:16 AM]: you can fuck my face, but i'll stop real fast if i hear that.....
OfficerFriendly [12:16 AM]: Piss?
Bjland[12:16 AM]: havnet tried (yet)
OfficerFriendly [12:17 AM]: Coool.
Bjland [12:17 AM]: i dont wanna get pissed on by just anyone
OfficerFriendly [12:17 AM]: Woof.