Tuesday, July 24, 2001

one of the benefits of BLOGGING is keeping track of shit. Like, I was complaining during the month of June about not getting ANY, and looking back at JULY, I seemed to have had a few rather sweaty adventures (although I did leave out some of the more intimate details of some of the more fun ones). Also, looking at last Tuesday's blog I remembered that Monday nights out mean very few people, except at the COCK, after 2 am, and with its listless, bass-less, shrill disco, its not really worth it.

Plus, having had the sleepover the previous night, it was kinda nice to just mull that over, wonder who will call first - and besides, my head is still sore, he was a real BITER! So I stayed home, but there was plenty to do here, like:

  • bidding on a classic gay S/M porn movie - Born To Raise Hell (and winning, I learned first thing this morning!)
  • scavenging this guy's PLAYLIST and downloading from audiogalaxy (still unemployed, still can't BUY new music) - (Welcome to the Jungle is cool, but this new Rock the Casbah is kinda lame...)
  • finding another cool guy has me on his links list, ( i wish i knew how to do that mouse-over messagey thing, his said "um, yeah" as i passed over the "bj land" link!!) and trying (and failing miserably) to reformat my BLOG page so I can add a column of bloglinks
  • and of course, one of my favorite non-sex activities, watching bad made-for TV movies on LIFETIME - When He Didn't Come Home with Patty Duke was awesome - and I don't mean it was good, but, near the end, her son's car, but not his body, has been found in Lake Michigan, but the District Attorney isn't so sure about proceeding against the girlfriend at this point, and Patty exclaims, " I don't know much about what you call "rules of evidence" (and she emphasized that phrase like it was a strange, foreign language) but there is one thing I do know, MY SON IS DEAD AND SHE KILLED HIM!! ( I really expected her to say "I'm just a caveman").