Monday, July 16, 2001

Ever just had one of those days...

......when you just can't get out of the sling?

only 2 scoops of coffee left in the tin....... ( I suppose i could look for the can opener and open the other can of Bustelo), and there must be 5 jockstraps scatterred on the floor in here, and a big (empty) Pop-Secret bag.... but yesterday/last night was fun.

While I knew that my success at having sex in the afternoon yesterday would mean I would only have observer status at The Cock's backroom last night, it was still fun. Trying to keep a safe distance from all those guys who I have some history with (you know, the old 4-1/2 feet rule) - one is a pal who I hadn't seen in over a year, and now I only see him back there, and of course the several who I'd attempted in the past who rejected me, and then the ones who I rejected, plus the handful of "we did it already" types - so, as crowded as it was (and I have the black and blue toes to proove it) there wasn't much to choose from. Music was okay, nothing great, nothing too offensive. The deejay managed to keep it on the THUMP THUMP THUMP, and only played that new 146 minute remix of RELAX one time. And i had thoroughly prepared for a night out, having stocked the place with ice cream, soda, microwave popcorn, and Junior Mints earlier in the day.

Speaking of earlier in the day, I actually got some guy to come over so I could take pics of him in MY jockstrap! And, he turned out to be much cuter in person, a dancer of some sort (I'm awful, I didn't even pretend to show interest, never asking what kind of dance, the name of the company, or anything, just "here this one would look good on you, click click). And, since the fluffer was on vacation all week, I had to do ALL the work myself! The cool thing about him, besides the tight, lean body, buzzed head, great mouth, unshaved/untrimmed crotch, firm butt..... wait, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, the cool thing, after awhile, and we are both sweating, and slurping, etc, he looks down and says "what do you want, what are you thinking, c'mon, tell me" so, I um mentioned, vaguely, that it's too bad that I didn't have the video cam set up....... He goes: "well, do it!" So, very quickly setting it up (and he asked for "no face shots") so I set it up where he could use the T.V. as a monitor to watch us....... I've only looked at the last 90 seconds, but I must say, I am turning into quite the lil filmmaker!

music today: L'Trimm's (We Like the) Cars That Go Boom and Le Tigre's My My Metrocard