Sunday, July 22, 2001

if i look at my rare foray into the scarey world of Manhattan on a Saturday night as a way to meet interesting, handsome, employed, regular guys, it failed. But, I must say, I did manage to inhale some very nice aromas, as I went to a club that doesnt allow "scents"; many men had leather, were shirtless - no one was sharing (with me, anyway) but it was a good vibe for awhile. Then the heatedness of it all got to me, and I knew it was time to leave. The few I had "chosen" hadn't chosen me, and in some cases made it abundantly clear it wouldn't happen. So, I got on my bike, headed back east, thru the scariest of str8 touristy types roaming around the streets, the bars.

Meanwhile, as I type this, am "imming" with a guy who uses words like "bush" and "penis" I dunno. Maybe I make too big a deal out of words, but "I've got a big Penis for you" doesn't quite do it for me (and yes, HE capitalized the word Penis!). And while I like hairy crotches (and have had a few compliments on mine) "bush" just sounds too girlish, (not to mention the political feelings it "arouses") -- but I guess that's just me. It's nearly 4pm, time to get my ass in the shower, and see what the world is offering OFF-LINE!