Friday, July 27, 2001

Just before my internet service came to a screaching halt, and I spent 2 hours on the phone with the talented folks at Time Warner, I was suddenly getting all these instant messages:

Vmfeneque [11:12 PM]: hi
Bjland [11:15 PM]: hey man
Vmfeneque [11:16 PM]: love getting blown for long time
Bjland [11:16 PM]: cool
Vmfeneque [11:16 PM]: can we meet
Vmfeneque [11:16 PM]: wherer r u
Bjland [11:16 PM]: lower east side
Bjland [11:17 PM]: um, not ready to meet after 3 lines of chat
Vmfeneque [11:17 PM]: where
Bjland [11:18 PM]: 5th st
Vmfeneque [11:19 PM]: & what
Bjland [11:19 PM]: is there a particular reason you need an exact location?

then, he disappeared.....

Foru2n [11:11 PM]: hi 20/m/bottom nyc
Bjland [11:15 PM]: hey man
Foru2n [11:16 PM]: hi
Bjland [11:16 PM]: your a young guy, eh?
Foru2n [11:16 PM]: 20
Bjland [11:17 PM]: 40 here
Bjland [11:17 PM]: 20 IS young!
Foru2n [11:17 PM]: i had older
Bjland [11:18 PM]: i dont doubt that, since most folks ARE older than you
Foru2n [11:20 PM]: have u ever had a young guy
Bjland [11:20 PM]: ever? yes
Foru2n [11:20 PM]: do u want to do me
Bjland[11:21 PM]: hehe
Bjland [11:21 PM]: sounds like a bad pop song

then, he disappeared.....

by 2:30 am, the Time Warner/Road Runner technicians, after repeatedly saying things like: "I've never seen this", and "I've never heard of that happening before" gave up, and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday - 4 days without internet????!!! arrrggghhhh

So, I left my Fourth Floor Walk-Up, and headed to the Cock, for some really good music. When the caffeine kicks in, and I can use those parts of my brain, I'll try to post the songs...