Wednesday, July 18, 2001

the german just called, to remind me i have work to do today. ugh. well, at least he said make it 1pm, instead of noon, since the caffeine is just now going past my lips. Faerie called yesterday, in the afternoon, but by the time I got back to him, apparently he had made several other calls and was waiting to hear back from some of them before committing to getting together again. Hmmmm. Normally, I'd be thinking something kinda snide, or self-pitying, but he's missing a front tooth, so, I'm not gonna get too uptight about him not calling later, like he said he would.

looks like everyone has seen the dickcheneyisdeadyet "blog", so no link from me. But i do think his name is ripe for using as a way of expressing when you're not IN THE MOOD, or when you have a bad rash - "Sorry, honey, not tonight, I have Dick Cheney" ---- (the accent is on DICK, like you needed to be told that....!)

i cant think, but i think this is a pic of a guy who's not real, just be careful, if you click ON his pic, it'll take you to whatever movie he's currently starring in. Last night, stayed in, enjoyed the sound of the rain, and watched about half of Ballet Down The Highway, a porn flick from 1975. More on that later.