Friday, October 17, 2003


directed by: Lancer Brooks (1977)
Starring: Jack Wrangler, Roger, Al Parker; plus the Christy Twins, Chris Adams, Steve Tracy, Adam Neumar, Jennifer Cashoty, and David Warfield.

I've never found any info on why this was made as a 3-D movie (this particular scene doesn't benefit from the technology), but I have to tell you if you see the whole film, you'd get a kick out of seeing Jack's cock poking right towards you through a gloryhole, and Roger tossing jockstraps right at the camera. The basic plot of this story is that lonely and homely Chester (Steve Tracy) is a bookstore clerk (legit bookstore!) who recites a magic spell from an old used book which turns him into Jack Wrangler; which of course leads to all sorts of hot sex - solo (like who wouldn't immediately start whacking off the moment his cock turned into Jack Wrangler's cock?), with Roger at a gym, and of course some three-ways - a restroom gloryhole, and a construction site like the one here. For those of you who've been paying attention, there just was no way I could post the entire 12 minute clip, but I am gonna let folks who ask nicely get a link over the weekend for the last 2-1/2 minutes of the scene (which I love, not just for chance to see Jack and Al shoot together, but the few seconds of the two of them giggling after shooting, which director DeSimone was wise enough to keep in the final edit).