Monday, October 27, 2003

Just got in. Two guys in the outer lobby making out. I said hello as I passed - one is a neighbor, the other someone I'm on "nodding" terms with (you know, he had 4 dates with a pal of mine several years ago, later he was roommates with a guy I had sex with 3 times, including a threeway (not with him), and now I see him around the neighborhood, and always smile and nod, but never stop and talk). I should hate them. Standing there, flaunting the behavior I just spent 3-1/2 hours looking for. But ya can't begrudge people who are kissing. If they were screwing, or exchanging blowjobs, then sure, hating is ok. Curse them, hate them, spit on them even, the whole works. But everyone should kiss whenever they get the chance. And it should be encouraged - a polite hello and smile while passing, saying 'good for you' with your eyes. Sneering and thinking 'I hate you both, you mutherfuckers making me walk right past you to my lonely, empty bed.' That would be wrong.