Thursday, October 02, 2003

the suit
I knew it would need the waist "let out" - it's been a couple of years since I've worn it, and of course my waist isn't the same. I knew I had to try it on a few weeks before my brother's wedding, so I could make plans to see a tailor if neccessary. Yup, it's snug. I can button it, but it's uncomfortable, and that was this morning, a good 10 hours since last I actually ate anything - god help me at a wedding reception. But the part I didn't expect, the cat hairs. Ah, white cat hairs that could only come from one place, and reminded me clearly when I last wore the suit.

My 39th birthday, the boyfriend and I decided to get all dressed up and go out fancy-like, to a ridiculously expensive restaurant. I got to the restaurant a few minutes early, and sat at the bar with a drink. When he arrived, I saw him minutes before he spotted me, enjoying the view of him in the distance, looking so handsome all dressed up, just for me. As he walked towards me, his blue eyes lit up when he saw me, his mouth grinning with that subtle sweet smile of his. He grabbed the barstool next to me, ordered his drink as his beard brushed against me, giving me a light kiss on the cheek. Later, back at his apartment, he was "cat-sitting" so I took my suit off in the outer hallway to avoid cat hair. It was a cold winter night, and after a good amount of celebratory alcohol, it wasn't long before we were snuggled up together, sleeping with his arm around me, and my head nestled in his chest. But, alas, nearly 4 years later, there it is, those few white cat hairs on my black suit, reminding me of those last couple of months with Bill, the last boyfriend.