Friday, October 03, 2003

Hey, c'mon fellas, get outta there. I gotta take a piss!
This 1979 film is one of the better ones from director Francis Ellie. It's got hammy performances from such stars as Jack Wrangler and Scorpio; an actual plot (Jack must track down a trick who mistakenly believes Jack gave him gonorrhea - only to wind up in the hands of "Nazi" Scorpio); great disco soundtrack, including Dennis Parker's New York By Night (Ellie usually uses cheesy library-recordings of non-copyrighted music); even several actors appear in the film in non-sex roles! This particular scene has one of my favorites, Roy Garrett, trying to have sex in the bathroom of Greenwich Village's "notorious" BOOTS & SADDLES with a hustler who looks remarkably like littleminx. Could you ask for more?